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Do i have to get my misdemeanor expunged where the case took place?

Hemet, CA |

10 years ago... Non violent non drug. Do I have to travel back to where it took place?

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Yes and no. The expungement paperwork is filed in the court where you were convicted. There may be ways to handle that without traveling there. You can retain an attorney in that jurisdiction to handle the matter. Alternately, you can consult with the court to determine if there is a way to file the paperwork by fax or mail. If the petition can be resolved without a court appearance, you may not have to even have an attorney or travel to the court.

Any statements I make in these forums (fora?) should not be taken as direct legal advice, merely informed guidance. This is true due to the anonymous nature of this venue, and the incomplete information which is invariably provided by the questions. It is imperative that you consult directly with an attorney regarding your specific situation before acting on or relying on anything represented here. Period.


Yes, it is expunged where the conviction occurred and no, you can have an attorney appear for you.


Some court's require an appearance to expunge a case. Those that do will typically allow an attorney to make that appearance for you. Good luck.

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