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Do i have to get a legal seperation in Louisiana? My husband and I have split everything we have and both agree with everything.

Houma, LA |

He wants to keep auto insurance like it is, am i responsible if he gets in an accident? Also i have a savings account with money that was given to me from my father, is he entitled to a share of this.

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There is no legal separation in Louisiana anymore. You're either divorced or married. At this point you're still married. If you agree on everything then getting an actual divorce will be quick and easy. If your father gave that money to both of you then he is entitled to half, if it was given just to you then it's all yours as long as you can track it and don't mix it in with community funds.

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You need to get divorced. Until you are divorced debts are presumed to be joint. Normally a judgment from an auto accident is a separate debt. Who pays for insurance does not change community property. He wound not be entitled to share gift from your father unless you put in a joint account and could not trace it.

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