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Do I have to file form I-693 at the same time as form I-485?

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Hello, I am filing I-485 for adjustment of status and reading conflicting information whether I need file the I-693 Medical form now or later during the process. I am not sure if it matter but I grew up in the States being here since 1993.

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If you are sure the AOS is the correct form for you (i.e. you are sure you are not already a green card holder of even a US citizen), then it would be a good idea to include the I-693 with your application if possible. It is possible to wait for an RFE and then file it in response, but that would cause delay to the procedure.

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Generally, one who files an I-485 must file the I-693 with it.

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How long you grew up in the US has no bearing on the requirement to submit the medical exam results on a sealed envelope at the time of your submitting your I-485 application. The I-693 has got be submitted now.

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You will need to submit form I-693 together with your adjustment of status application.


Did you enter with or without a visa? You will need to submit the medical exam together with your application. However, be sure you actually qualify to adjust status. Filing incorrect forms can result in removal proceedings. If any doubt consult a lawyer. Best of luck!

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