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Do I have to disclose a dismissed misdemeanor charge on a job application for a private firm

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My misdemeanor was granted dismissal under 1203.4 & 1203.4a. I have read VERY mixed answers from my research and want to know how I should approach this. I am applying to IBM.

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You should not have to disclose a misdemeanor conviction that was dismissed under 1203.4 to IBM.

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No, you do not. As a private company there is no exception to the rule of expungement that agovernment agency would have.


Depends on the question they specifically ask, but, no you are not required to disclose.

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You should be OK, but send a copy of the relevant portion of the application to your attorney for their review prior to sending it in to IBM.

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No , you are not required to disclose. However, if they specifically ask you for the information I would not recommend omission either. I would talk to an attorney to guide you through this issue.