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Do I have to carry health insurance on my wife while going through a divorce

Charlestown, IN |
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Where is the divorce pending? Whichever state the divorce is pending will have jurisdiction. Typically, absent an agreement, you probably need to continue insurance on her until the dissolution has finalized, at least in Indiana. However, as mentioned, there are certain agreements that you can come to, based on the economic and other situations of the parties. This answer could potentially change if the divorce is pending in Virginia. You should consult a lawyer in the state with jurisdiction to review your situation in detail and then provide you with more specific advice on your situation. Best wishes to you.

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Yes, unless ordered otherwise you must continue to keep the insurance on your wife. Unless you receive an order telling you otherwise you must keep your insurance plan as is.


In what state is the divorce pending? Generally, in both Virginia and Indiana, you will have to maintain the health insurance on your wife until the divorce is finalized if she has been on your plan during the marriage. (I am licensed in both states.) There are exceptions where both spouses have separate insurance through their respective employers, and in such cases it is doubtful a court will change the status quo. This same rationale can apply to auto insurance as well. As in all cases, the specific facts will determine the legal advice you receive, and I would suggest you consult with an attorney who is licensed in the appropriate jurisdiction.

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Yes - you should absolutely continue your spouse's insurance coverage unless a Court authorizes you to discontinue that coverage. A Court typically orders that neither party transfer, encumber, conceal, sell, or otherwise dispose of joint property...this applies to transferring ownership or beneficiary status on life insurance policies.

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