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Do I have to be officially handed a subpoena to be summons to testify?

Dallas, TX |

The state of Dallas is trying to issue me a subpoena to testify in a case that I don't want to testify in.They actually slid the paper through my front door and it was not handed to me.Am I required to be in court based on this fact?

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It might not have been proper service. But odds are you were trying to evade service. That being said if you don't mind having the judge issue a bench warrant and hauling you out of your house or work and dragging you to the court house for failing to show up... Then just ignore it.

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No I was NOT evading service I was NOT home.My question is am I officially served.

Brian Heath Crockett

Brian Heath Crockett


It depends on what the subpoena says. did it authorize them to leave it at your house. If so you are served.

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