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Do i have to apply for F1 again to do MBA after my MS degree?

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currently on F1 and working on MS OPT Stem extension and expires on May 18 , 2014. Applied for H1 premium. However, if i my application is not picked or rejected. I want to do MBA in another university.
(1) Do i have to apply for F1 again or my f1 status is valid until the completion date of new degree if i enrol before may 18,2014 ?
(2) If university provides CPT, can i do it even if i did CPT/OPT in my previous MS degree?
(3) Where can i find more info. on doing 2nd degree and how to maintain F1 status?

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You need to have a valid nonimmigrant status to remain in the USA. If your purpose is to continue education, F1 is the visa to go. If you are in the USA and have I-94 for D/S all you need is new I-20. Talk to the DSO

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1). Yes, you do, since the MBA will be yet another degree, separate and distinct from the MS which you already have.
2). Yes again. The completion of each degree entitled to an additional/separate OPP or CPT. Make sure to talk to the academic institutions DSO about this in order to get more detail and information.
3). See my answer number 2 above. First identify the school in which you want to obtain your MBA, then go and speak with that schools DSO and or foreign student advisor about your plans.

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1) yes.
2) yes. Check with USCIS designated school officer (DSO).
3) With DSO of your current school or prospective school and your favorite neighborhood attorney.


Your F-1 status is not valid until completion of a new degree. You need to maintain status, MBA as another degree. Talk to your DSO