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Do I have the right to expect to be involved in the decisions regarding my mother, who has dementia? Do I need an attorney?

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I was advised that my mother has dementia. My siblings and I have not been very close for years. I live across the country. I have emailed & phoned, but get little response. Any information is vague. Both my siblings share Durable Power of Attorney. I have always kept in close touch with my mother and noticed her forgetfulness. Then my sister moved mother to her house and took her phone away from her without telling me. It was months of emails and calls to them both before I was told what had been done. Mother has been there over a year and they're still keeping up the pretense she is living in her condo, which has a reverse mortgage. This is suspicious to me. I have no idea what their plans are, but do feel she's not getting the optimum care she needs. This is very difficult for me.

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Your rights to be informed of, or participate in decisions regarding, the care of your mother is a matter of the law of the state in which she lives. Nothing short of a consultation and maybe representation by an experienced elder law attorney that practices near where your mother lives will meet your needs.

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An elder law attorney will help you protect your rights to be involved in your mother's affairs.

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