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Do I have the right to ask for supervised visitation when my daughters dad visits her with his wife?

Odin, IL |

I recently found out that my 6 year old daughters step mother tends to have issues with violence. His other 3 children from a previous marriage was in his home when his wife head butted him during and argument and broke his nose. His oldest son also told me that the stepmom has also stabbed his dad in the arm with a knife. She has also been known to throw things such as lawn chairs and other things when she dont get her way. She told me once that my daughter was just as much her daughter as she was mine. Which, of course, made me very upset. She also told my daughters dads other daughter that she could call her mom, and that when her real mom dies, she will be her real mom. My daughters dad recently had a massive heart attack and doesnt get around well on his own, so this woman would be the one providing most of the care for my daughter. My daughter refuses to go visit them and asks me if I can go with her when she goes. She has come back from visits over there acting like a stepford child, like she is brainwashed, and it takes days sometimes to pull her out of it. Based on the little info I have given, do I have grounds to ask for supervised visitation? Her father and I were never married, and as of now, no visitaion order or parenting plan is in place. He has also stopped paying child support, due to being unemployeed for health reasons. I hope you can help me.

Also, I think I should let you know that my daughters father is not in her life very much, and hasnt really been a large part of her life for a few years now. He had a job that kept him out of state for months on end. He has seen her once since July 4th, 2008 and that was just last month, when he got home from the hopsital.

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Yes you have the right to request this change. The honorable courts of Illinois pay great deference to the custody judgments that are in place. Courts do not wish to hear and rehear matters. Unless there has been an earth shattering change, you should contact an attorney to go over the issues but within a year, change is very rear.
Unfortunately, in the small space provided for questions one is unable to get a full background of the matter. In the situations such as you are explaining you should immediately seek the counsel of a capable attorney that practices in this area of law or if you cannot afford an attorney, you should seek a social service organization in your area. This answer is general in nature and does not form an attorney client relationship. If you would like to get more information on this topic or to establish an attorney client relationship please contacts my office.
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