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Do I have sole custody or joint custody. (Sorry for re-post. I didn't link all categories for responses previously.)

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The paperwork states "Parent A has residential legal care, custody, control, and education of the child. Parent A and Parent B agree to make decisions regarding the education, health care, religious training, and extracurricular activities of the child as set forth by this agreement." The final page with both signatures says "Sole Parenting Agreement". I'd appreciate help with the clarification.

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There is no need to ask the same question twice. Please refer to my answer to your first question. It is not necessary to link your question to every possible category. You will receive answers based upon the practice area.


I agree with attorney Goldstein. We cannot give you a responsible answer without seeing ALL of the parenting language, and not just the wording that you provided. Your question is valid and interesting because it does seem to indicate joint parenting, but the reference to "Sole Parenting Agreement" indicates the opposite. The answer should lie in the rest of the language. You may just have a typo. Take the judgment to a lawyer for a one-on-one consultation.


you agree to make decisions as set forth in the agreement. what is set forth? you have not said. so take your paper to a lawyer for a consultation. the lawyer will read the whole paper and tell you.

see 750 ilcs 5/602, the statute on joint custody. see 750 ilcs 5/608. the statute on duties of the custodian.

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