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Do I have legal rights to sue someone who is telling lies about me & creating emails that look like they came from me,but didn't

Honey Brook, PA |

I recently gave notice thru email I was leaving a particular social group. It turned into an ugly situation made public via email. The founder made strong accusations I have asked to be clarified, however, I have been ignored. I am persistent because I want my things back; was told his lawyer was copied about his request to not contact another member of the group, himself included. He states emails to him have come from me, and as proof, he copied the group showing the header that supposedly came from me. I NEVER SENT THE EMAILS. I kept my original sent emails & they do not match the ones he copied the group on, with his added comments, of course. He also cuts/pastes parts of emails to alter the true/full content of my messages, twisting words, & forwards them. What can I do?

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This appears to be a very interesting case. There are a number of questions that need to be answered to identify a particular cause of action. One important question I would like to have answered is: Did the founder enter into your email to send the messages, or did he simply modify the content of your email to reflect a different message?

There are a number of options available to you in this circumstances. There is a potential for criminal charges. There are also a number of civil causes of action that should be explored.

One of the most important issues will be to identify and quantify your damages and determine whether pursuing a cause of action is economically viable.


Show the emails to a lawyer in your home town so that he/she can give you advise.


Either way a crime has been committed. If someone used your computer (even remotely) without your permission that is a crime. If he is just altering his emails to make it look like they came from you, or altering emails you sent him to harrass you, that is very likely harrassment. You should contact your local police department and hire a lawyer to investigate suing the perpetrator once he/she is caught. It should be a relatively simple investigation for them - I handled a nearly identical case earlier this year. They can contact the guy with the emails and ask him to turn them over. They can also examine your computer to see if no such emails came from it, and can apply for a search warrant to seize his computer if he is uncooperative.

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