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Do I have grounds to sue?

Las Cruces, NM |

Do I have grounds to sue? I have been passed up for promotion on two positions that I was qualified for, in fact the last one I was the perfect fit for the position as I had done everything required on the job before. There were race issues and retaliation from the determining entity in question there as I had just a few days prior reported ethic misconduct about the interviewer to HR. I am exempt but doing both non exempt and exempt work, and I am the only person in my department overseeing 200 + students and processing and coordinating everything for that department. expected to make all of the meeting other directors make, but am paid about $10,000 less than the other directors. I have one workstudy and have only been able to take maybe 10 lunch breaks since I have benn moved since this time last year. When I almost lost all of my annual leave because it built up and could not take any of it. Do not have help and have been forced to use another department person not qualified to help as reserve, and not someone that can really take care of the workload when I cannot be there. Plus the new supervisor has made it clear he wants to fire everyone and start again with people he wants too hand pick, he told me so directly when we were getting along, though I cannot prove it. Also, I have complained to both EEO and HR and both parties have sided with supervisor and I have found them not telling the entire truth within their own policies.

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You should consult with a local employment attorney about the possibility of filing a complaint of discrimination and retaliation against your employer. You can search for an attorney on Avvo or contact the National Employment Lawyers Association for a referral.

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