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Do I have any rights as a tenant who is being harassed by another tenant?

Fontana, CA |

The other tenant harassed myself and my family on a daily basis; anything from name calling (such as calling my young son a little retard because he is autistic, ) , making kissing sounds at me, driving her truck as close as an inch to me when I am standing in the parking lot on 3 occasions , attempting to make problems between other tenants and my family by spreading false rumors. She will make the effort 4 or 5 times a day or more to open her door to say or do something when I walk outside or get in my car or even walk down the street. This is just the tip of what has gone on for more than a year and the landlord tells me to ignore it. I am the " manager" but I still pay rent , I just clean up (she also throws garbage all over daily) , Ido the lawn, collect rents, etc.

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This person sounds like they have a problem, other than being classless. I am sorry that you're going through this. If you work for the landlord, he is your employer and does have a responsibility to have you in a safe work environment. California, however, is an at will employment state and, if you complain, he could just fire you and that wouldn't be real helpful in your situation.

My suggestion would be: describe to the landlord that this person is harassing you and it's illegal; indicate that, if they continue, you will call the police; make a report; and file for a civil harassment order. Or, the landlord could just not renew their lease and get another tenant who isn't abusive.

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