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Do I have any rights as a person on probation ?

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I have bottle a total of 4x's w/probation.The 1st was clean, the 2nd was dirty( I go to a substance abuse program).My po called my drug counselor told her to up my meetings 2xs a week.The 3rd test (which was clean)results were given to me along with my 4th test (clean)results he said was dirty.Supposedly he sent the tests to a lab but he said I wasn't allowed to see the results.When I went to take my 5th test he miracously had a typed copy from this lab. saying I was positive for meth.Afterwards he told me by not admitting it he was putting me back in the court system(I currently dont have any cases in court).Now he hasn't mentioned to my drug counselor about these two supposed dirty bottles either.He's gonna let me graduate next week.01/14 he will ask the judge to me in a residentia

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The only rights you have as a person on probation is to follow the terms of your sentence . If you violate them you can be sent back to court and square one. Get an attorney.



While on probation there are many rules and conditions you must follow to stay out of trouble and out of jail. Probation can make life difficult, but by no means impossible. Many people successfully complete the terms of probation without any trouble, at all. It's all a matter of attitude. Keep a positive attitude, follow the rules, do what they tell you, and hunker-down until the probation is over. Don't make life difficult by bucking-the-system. You can't. Good luck.


You have the right to an opportunity. That is a huge right. it is an opportunity to succeed (stay out of prison) and put probation behind you and then be free. Take advantage of it. Put the drugs aside and get through probation. I understand it is easier said than done, but for your own good, please get through probation by staying away from drugs. That is your right.

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