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Do I have any recourse?

Albany, GA |

On Fri.7/25 I was involved in a single car accident a car had stopped in the middle of the road no flashers,brake lights or turn signals admiring his soybeans to avoid hitting him in the rear at 65 mph I veered right and went head on into a culvert at approx. 55 mph. Naturally I was shaken up and fear and adrenalin took over, When the trooper got there he was positive I "was on something" and handcuffed me (behind my back) and drove me 35 miles to get a blood test. By this time I was hurting pretty bad and never once did he ask me if I needed treatment and myself scared and in state of shock kept my mouth shut. He then transported me back to the Podunk town jail for incarceration. Because of some old correspondence found in my vehicle I was placed in the "suicide cell".By this time I am in tremendous pain and the when I asked the local jailers for help their response was "didn't the trooper take you for treatment" When I said he did not even ask but would they all they did was laugh and say no. For the next 72 hours I was in that cell hurting like hell and still am. I have no money so getting treatment on my own is not an option but my question is do I have some recourse since my welfare seemed to be of no concern since I was considered a "criminal". I asked the jailer to see the nurse,even filled out a form but never got to see a nurse. Like I said I am still hurting. the car I crashed was my soon to be ex-wife and she had no insurance on the vehicle(I got charged with that) and they charged me with following too closely, how can you follow a stopped vehicle on a 65 mph highway. So tell me can some or all of the involved be held accountable for not at the very least seeing that I got at the very least minimal care.

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Your recourse depends on the level of your injuries and the percentage of injuries that were caused by your own fault and intoxication versus the jails failure to get you help. Your injuries don't sound very severe, and perhaps contrived. Get a evaluation in writing from your doctor including what the doctor thinks your ongoing care will entail and present it to a personal injury attorney. If you can't find an attorney to take your case, it's likely you have no case.

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See a local personal injury attorney. From your recitation of the facts, the fact you were cited for following too closely will weigh heavily against you in any consequential issues--just be prepared.


I recommend that you find a very good personal injury attorney or someone who specializes in what we cal 1983 (not the year but the statute) claims.

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