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Do I have any legal recourse against a neighbor for harassing me and threatening me infront of an on duty sheriff's deputy?

Bryant, IL |

I have a neighbor that parks his car near our property line and plays his music loud enough to hear inside my house with the windows closed. I have reported this on multiple ocassions and have been told different stories by different deputies. I was threatened Friday night infront of a deputy by the neighbor that I had better stop because I didn't know who I was F'ing with. The deputy said no threat was made. I am to the point of being forced to moe because of his actions but I don't feel I should. What can I do?

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If the sheriff does nothing, then instead call the local police. If that does not work, then contact your elected official(s) to report the situation


You seem to live in a town of only around 250 people. That's a SMALL town. There's the State police but I don't know if they'll get involved AND even if they do if they're not around the next time you're stuck w/ the locals again....An attorney could write your neighbor a letter but if it does no good what then? file a lawsuit? Without witnesses proving his behavior sounds like a problem because the local cops aren't even willing to stand up for you. And do you have other neighbors who are bothered by this? Sound like you don't or, if you do, he's already intimidated them, and if you can't get the neighbors to rally around you, you're alone in this. If you go to church maybe you can have someone from the church mediate - maybe a mutual acquaintance? parent-figure?. It sounds like all you want out of this is for the neighbor not to make so much noise. If all else fails you may just need to buy this guy a bottle of whatever he seems to like to drink and see if you can present it to him as a peace offering. Sounds like the local police have taken his side...... I have no idea why and why he is apparently targeting you. Based on what you've said, however, it could very well be that if you "pay him off" once, he'll keep it up for more. Unfortunately you may have to take this one step at a time.

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