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Do I have any legal defense against a no-refund policy if I reserved a hotel room on by mistake?

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We reserved a hotel room for two nights for our daughter in Miami, FL. We live in Spring, TX. That very same morning we learned that her boyfriend had already reserved their hotel. Within two hours, we tried to get to cancel our reservation and they refused and will charge our credit card. Our Credit Card company said they will help us if we challenge the charge when it hits our account. The amount will be $520.00. Please help.

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Post this question in the contracts section.

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You should write a letter by certified mail, return receipt requested to and the hotel to set out the facts and to request that you be issued a refund. When the company refuses or ignores you, dispute the charge on your credit card, and use your letter as evidence.

If the reservation was made well in advance so that there would be no lost room rental before your cancellation, Booking,com has a hard time justifying its charge while providing nothing in return.

Good luck.


You might try disputing the credit charge.

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