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Do I have a wrongful termination case if I was falsely accused by my aid of corporal punishment so she could get my job?

Tallahassee, FL |

Director didn’t perform fair and full investigation because she had already determined to write me up before asking me any questions. She refused to let me see the complaints or give specifics so I could defend myself. I did deny what was on the write ups but she had me sign them anyway with no other follow up. She failed to give me the opportunity to get union representation before disciplinary action. Suspended on Fri came back to work on Mon & Tues until 10:00 went home for sick family. I told Tues to go to the district on Wed. They wanted me to sign a notice of termination dated for Mon. I pointed out the incorrect date and they said I wasn’t there Tues to sign. I didn’t get the paper work until later Wed because it wasn’t ready and I wasn’t give adequate time to prepare a rebuttal.

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I'd hire an attorney. False statements where you lose your employment maybe result in recovery via suit.

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Not enough facts disclosed here to properly evaluate the merits of your case.

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Florida is a right to work state. It is very difficult to prevail in a wrongful termination case. Many facts are missing from your question. The size of your company, how long you worked there, is there an employee manual, do you have a contract, etc. You will need to consult with an employment attorney.

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