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Do I have a warranty case regarding my Samsung Galaxy?

Chester, VA |

I received a Samsung Galaxy as a gift in Aug.'12, purchased on; it stopped working (would not turn on) in Dec '12. After 5 months and 3 times sending for service of seeking warranty service, I am being told I have no recourse for repair/replacement due to two reasons: 1 - service tech noted "no problem found" when item sent for service, and; 2 - item is an international unit and not covered by warranty.
As to (1), I have spoken with service center and the code does not mean item working, just that they would not look at it and had to have that code to mail it back to me. It is noted that the unit needed to be sent elsewhere to fix.
As to (2), I asked Samsung if my product was covered - based on receipt, model and serial number - and was assured in writing that it was.

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Check the seller's identification and what warranties if any came from the seller too. You could have warranty rights there in addition to any manufacturer warranty rights. If you are sure your unit was new when bought and covered by the manufacturer warranty when bought, and you can prove it, then you can always file a small claims case against Samsung and/or the seller of your unit. To help figure out how to handle this on your own, it would be wise to talk to a local consumer law lawyer near you. Find one at or

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