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Do I have a viable malpractice case if my DDS caused my jaw dislocation?

Fairfax, VA |

I was fitted for a mouth-guard to sleep in due to grinding my teeth. My chart at the DDS states I have prior jaw issues.The 3rd night of wearing the guard my jaw dislocated. I went back to my DDS who gave me pain meds & later sent me to a specialist. After a series of test (MRI, etc) it was confirmed my jaw was dislocated & I need extensive treatment, including a steel mouth plate that I wear 24/7 until my jaw is re-aligned (likely 1-2 years), and after the realignment, I will need surgery to repair one side. I should never have been given a plastic night-guard as my jaw couldn't support it. I've spent thousands of $$ out of my own pocket; missed work; lost weight; can only eat soft foods indefinitely; and been in constant excruciating pain for a month.
Do I have a case?

The specialist confirmed I should not have been given a night guard as my jaw could not support it. He also confirmed the damage was made worse by the guard being made too big.

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You may have a case. It will depend on a number of factors. Has any doctor/dentist told you that you should not have had a mouth guard or that this one was improperly fitted? You will need to prove that in order to have a case. You will want a second opinion. How much of your problem is pre-existing? You should contact a qualified medical malpractice attorney in Virginia, as every case handles medical/dental malpractice cases differently. You should find out what statute of limitations apply and whether there are any other statutory requirements or limitations.

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I agree with John. You may have a case, but you should consult a personal injury lawyer in your area. Must personal injury consults are free.

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I agree with the above answers, and you should search Avvo's "find a lawyer" for a malpractice lawyer in your state, and get a free consultation.

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