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Do i have a suit against a company if i won a prize in a promotional contest and the company will not honor it bcuz im single???

Columbus, OH |

I entered a contest online to win a brand new navigator or other prizes. Months later i recieved a call and the lady told me that i was one of the winners. She then procided to tell me how i could claim my prize and also asked me if i was married. When i told her that i was not she put me on hold for about two minutes. When she came back she told me that this contest was for couples only and then asked me again if i had a partner so i told her that i did. She then gave me all of the information about the company and how to claim my prize. She also told me that my partner had to be with me in order to claim my prize!!! Because i am single this would be difficult to do. Now she told me that i was guaranteed one of four prizes so can this company really denie me my prize bcuz i am single????

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There were probably rules posted by the company with a lot of fine print. In order to satisfactorily answer your question, all the fine print would have to be reviewed to see if it was one of the stipulations that the contestants had to be married. The mere fact that you are single does not give rise to a discrimination suit against the company. Grounds for discrimination are race, sex, creed, national origin, disability, and age.