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Do I have a Medical Malpractice Case? Do to permanent damage/pain & suffering/loss of Federal job.

Hillsboro, OR |

1990 I had a work/comp. neck injury. Case was settled. I became medically stationary & did not have surgery. In 1998 I had symptoms resulting a visit to the ER. I was pregnant & a MRI was done. My OBGYN referred me to physical therapy. She never discussed my MRI results. I attended therapy & decided to get additional relief through chiropractic treatment. 1 year later all was well. I was employed in 2005. In 2006 I located my chiropractor who established his private practice for low back pain. 2007 I contacted my chiropractor regarding onset of shoulder pain & hand numbness post-op female surgery. He failed to exam me/x-ray. 2nd visit I lost all feeling and rushed into Surgery. 4 levels posterior/2 level anterior. I lost my job due to disability. I learned that I had stenosis since 98.

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Dear Hillsboro Woman,

I'm not sure I understand what all happened to you and who you think is at fault. However, Oregon law has two key time limitations for medical malpractice against nongovernmental doctors.

1. A person must file a lawsuit within 2 year of the time a person should have known of the potential claim. (Statute of Limitations)

2. A person must file a medical malpractice lawsuit within 5 years of the date of the physician's act or omission that caused your loss, regardless of when you discover the potential claim. (Statute of Repose)

Jeff Merrick, Oregon Trial Attorney
Injury & Employment Law 503-665-4234

The above is not legal advice. I cannot give you reliable advice without knowing more information. It is intended to raise some issues for you to discuss with your own lawyer.

If either of these deadlines has passed, then you would no

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