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Do I have a legal case that could hold up in court?

Dayton, OH |

Hello I have a ex roommate who I believe used the cops to break into my apartment. She is 17 and could not be legally put under my lease. She moved in to help me pay bills since my last roommate moved out of state. She lived here since August till December 18th after I kicked her out. I ask for my kkey copy back and she ignored me from a month about it. Well after a month she tired getting her bed and i had it moved to her boyfriends. The box spring went missing and even though i allowed her to look through my house for anything that was hers she waited til i wasnt home and called the cops saying i withheld her property then went into my home when they arrived. She had no mail forwarded, wasnt on my lease, and had no proof of residencey could the cops legally let her in?

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Sue the city (for the actions of the police department) File a claim with the city once you get a response 90% rejection you have a total of 6-months to file a lawsuit against them.


If she had no proof that your apartment was in fact her residence (e.g., with a lease, driver's license), then the police should not have let her in. They should have tried to contact you first.

You should contact an attorney familiar with police abuses. It is likely that the police will not take your complaints seriously until you retain an attorney.

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