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Do I have a legal basis for suing my former employer for compensation of lost work, pain and suffering, and punitive damages.

Birmingham, AL |

Due to stress and overwork my health suffered greatly while working for a family run business. I now realize that I will not be able to work regularly ever again. I had a verbal agreement to work 24 hours per week and on rare occasions work extra. However I very often had to work 12, 13 or more hours per day. I was not allowed to skip work for sickness. If I did stay home when sick the other employees would suffer for it so I never took a sick day and neither did they for the same reason. In time my boss began to regularly ridicule me in front of everyone and become verbally abusive. She rediculed my religion, medications, competance and healthcare choices. And yet I was given raises I didn't ask for and they begged me to stay. I have many witnesses including doctors to all of this.

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You may have a case. There is no time frame to determine statute of limitations. The natural question is why didn't you quit.



It's going to be coming on 5 years since I left. I fear this is long past the statute of limitations. I was wondering if there are ever any loopholes or exeptions. I am just now realizing that I cannot work secularly and almost surely never will be able to. I did not quit sooner for many reasons. One of which being my husband told me not to at least for awhile. But also because it was a prestigious job in the field I loved. But the main reason it took as long as it did is because the 2 other employees that did the same job as I were very dear to me and were also having health problems because of the stress and overwork and if I left, it would only make it worse for them.