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Do I have a lawsuit for being beat up outside a bar on the street by the bouncer?

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I was in a bar drinking and was intoxicated and was leaving with my friend. As we were leaving the owner and bouncer said it was time for us to leave while we were walking outside. My other friend was standing on the sidewalk smoking a cigarette when I walked outside. I was outside the bar on the sidewalk waiting for my other friend to pay the bill. The bouncer told me to get out of here and I said that this was a public sidewalk and I'm waiting for my friend. It got heated and I threw a punch towards him and pulled back. He took me down and one of his friends grabbed my arms so I couldn't defend myself. The owner came out and the bouncer stopped hitting me and then he freaked out and punched me 4 more times breaking my nose while I was being held not able to defend myself. Lawsuit?

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The owner and bouncer are only entitled to use whatever force is reasonable under the circumstances. From what you describe it sounds like they went overboard in their use of force. I recommend you do NOT make any more posts or statements about what happened that night on the Internet because those statements could be used against you in a civil lawsuit against the bar and the bouncers. You should consult with one of us local San Diego AVVO personal injury attorneys who can assist you with this. Also if you have any black and blue marks or bruising right now be certain to take photographs of that to preserve the evidence because soon those marks will disappear and that evidence will be lost.

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This is a civil law question for tort liability. You should consult with a personal injury attorney immediately. If there was a police report you can try and get it but go talk to an attorney.


I placed this is a more appropriate category. Good luck.

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Not a criminal law question unless you or the bouncer got pinched for your mutually asinine conduct.

Contact a locally experienced civil attorney.

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