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Do I have a law suit against my daughters pediatrician

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My 1 year old daughter who was 10months at the time, went to her pediatrician 2-3 in a week and half. I told [names withheld] (@ [name withheld]) that my daughter, [name withheld], was not her self and was breathing odd plume sort of weezy. They insisted she was just fine and her ears, nose, & THROUGHT where just fine. Well after taken her to them I didn't want to be a pest but yet I was still not convinced that she was fine. She stayed weezy for 3 or 4 more days and we went to have are first family photos taken. She was fine threw out the hole session, but when we got home it seemed as if her wheezing got heavier.. deeper you might say.
My mother tryed to assure me she was fine and ok but I still was not convinced!!! I called an ambulance to have them come check her out, they to agreed she sounded a little more than rattely. We went to the medical center where the nurse just so happened to take an X-Ray ,which is not typical given the circumstances she was brought in for. As we anxiously awaited the results we honestly had no idea what we the nurse coming threw are room door had to say.
There was a penny, standing straight up under her voice box, lodged in my daughters throught. In less than 15 minutes I met with a very amazing survey, Dr. [name withheld], who take us back for immediate surgery. My 10 month old daughter was to sleep and had a throat surgery where I was told #1. She may not make it out alive. #2. If all goes as planned, my daughter may never be able to verbally communicate. #3. If all goes as planned my daughter may disabled wether its her speech/voice, vision, or both or #4 she comes out being her happy lucky self, the daughter we wanted back oh so bad.
I sat my her little side in the recovery room for as long as my heart could stand....about an hour then I just couldn't bare the sight of seeing her on all this machines again (she was six weeks early and had to stay in level2 nursery for 19 day), so I went and waited in the waiting room.
By this time my heart, soul, and nerves were shot. Doctor [name withheld] and my mother came and sat beside me and I could tell by there expression there was bad news comming. Mr. [name withheld] looked at me and said well Mrs. [name withheld], [name withheld] is finally awake but.... She isn't and can't breathe on her on. My heart hit the ground!! He then said she is alive and well and is looking for her mommy, would you like to step back and see her.... I honestly wanted to say "well duhh moron what do you think" , but all I could do was wrap my arms around him and thank/praise him for saving my daughter. Without even thinking I blurted out "where's the damn penny!!" He laughed and handed me a urine cup and said "here.. you really should keep this. Mr. Lincoln could have been the 1thing to make or break you. Who would think a penny could break someone I would have never guessed. You need to find
lawyer because you have a serious case with [name withheld] or [name withheld], either or that's medical malpractice at its best. At any time while she ate, slept, talked, rolled over, swallowed, or anything it could have fell flat and your daughter wouldnt be with us. Its been in her trachea (I think is what he called it) under her voice box for a while now."
He showed me where her white blood cells had started eating at the edges of the penny. He said it had been there 3weeks to a month and a half!!
But long story short she was in there 9 restless days and is home safe. Her voice is a bit scratchy an deeper than most 1year old little girls but I also have that penny put up.
Long story short those two bit wit doctors could have cost me my angel and they need to pay. I don't care if its with cash or there pediatric license!!
Who's to say they tell another mother or father there child is fine and they haven't done there all and those parents loose that little precious life??
Please contact me back
[name withheld]

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That wasn't a long story short. It was the same question you asked before, much longer, and you received several answers - primarily, see a qualified lawyer who handles primarily medical malpractice cases. It does not matter how much more you post, the answer is still the same. You need to do the leg work to contact lawyers, rather than asking for solicitations here or anywhere else from lawyers who, in many cases, are not qualified to handle a case like yours.


A very odd set of circumstances. First you should be happy that she is doing well. Second, you would have to prove that there was something about her symptoms which should have caused them to suspect that this was a foreign object. Unfortunately, often parents know that something is wrong with their child when the doctor does not. It is frustrating to know instinctively that you are right and the doctor is missing something. It is worth checking out. Speak with a local medical malpractice attorney, maybe the doctor missed something obvious.


The good news is your daughter seems to be doing well. Do you have a case...maybe. While liability appears to be there based on your question, but if there are no permanent damages ( which I hope is your situation), malpractice cases are very expensive to pursue, getting someone to pursue your case might be difficult, because the damages need to be permanent to justify the substantial expenses in these cases. Discuss with a local malpractice attorney.


The cost could exceed the recovery, but have a local malpractice lawyer investigate.


See my answer to your other post. Find an attorney!!!

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