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Do I have a harassment case ?

Boonville, IN |
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Report the criminal conduct to the police, and report it to your employer.


It is difficult to answer your question because you do not indicate the basis for the harassment. If his/their conduct is based on your religion, sexual orientation, age, gender, a physical disability, then you should be reporting that conduct to your employer, in order for the employer to stop that conduct and if that doesn't happen, you could have a possible employment discrimination claim. AS for the property damage issue, sue them in small claims court (depending on the value of the damage caused).


Call the police and file a complaint. if these people caused damages to your possessions or to yourself, you certainly are free to sue them civilly as well.

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You should immediately report the vandalism and the violence to your employer. There are rules that your employer must follow but usually if there is any violence towards another employee, hard discipline up to and including termination would follow. Make sure you don’t behave the same as they are behaving towards you otherwise you will also be disciplined. You haven’t provided enough information to determine harassment but if there is harassment then the employer has a duty to prevent such harassment from occurring otherwise you may have a claim against them. Take photos of the vandalism and then report it to your immediate supervisor. If you see no response in a day or so, then you may need to push this matter to a higher level by reporting it in writing to your supervisor’s boss and/or the HR department.