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Do i have a emotional distress case?

Manchester, CT |

I'm very bipolar, got out of 10 yr relationship came to an abrupt stop a few months ago. Very ugly night of my life. I have social worker notes, the psych and medical doctor notes. I lost 30 lbs in 1 month, and was moving ASAP. I was even forced or coerced into signing the house deed over. I was never advised at what my my options were. Now, I barely have a roof over my head. I'm not working due to by bipolar.

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No, based on those facts, but you may have an issue with the deed. I've changed the practice area for you so that attorneys who handle real estate can chime in.

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Occurred in VA. Not certain if I have a case. I am bipolar (bad) and on Disability for it. Was in a 10 yr relationship, and was very controlling. After I found out about the cheating, I dug and found out more and more. I have been hospitalized 2x and thought I had the support and love. I am on 6 different psych meds, and when all this cheating took place in our Chesapeake home, I was faced with what I thought was my only option. I was super medicated (more than normal) when I was told I had to sign the deed over to him. My lawyer never mentioned I had options, such as a buyout. Had I known that, I wouldn't have signed. I was forced to sign, against my will, as I was heavily sedated/drugged. I have all the medical/psych documentation proving this. I signed, as I feared going to VB Psych again. Because I was under extreme emotional distress and mental anguish, I feel that my legal representation failed me. That was in Feb 2013. Now that I moved to CT, I didn't know if I had any legal recourse, as my illness was clouding me and I didn't really know what I was doing. Would my mental state, drugs and dosages play a part? I feel it should but I don't know the law. I would have chosen a buyout if I knew I had that choice. I truly got screwed from every direction, as I was still in a drugged stupor. Would this constitute mental impaired status, and make that deed signing revocable? I know that mental impaired may have some rights, but would they cover something like this? I had to wait with this, until I was advised to go back to my medication regimen. Although I signed the deed, the mortgage company caught up and wanted me to sign an Obligator form. I did not sign. If this is a case you can work with, please advise. If not, just let me know. Thank you.

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