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Do I have a discrimination case?

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I worked for a company through a temp service. I never missed any work. It was a temporary assignment. I was highly recommended by the plant manager. I submitted my app because they are still actively hiring. The company has two divisions. The plant manager for one division tried to get me in there as a temp to hire. The plant manager said I could not get hired because they had a incident with me a few years ago.I never worked for them at all until this temp assignment.However,my spouse did work there and that is the only thing I know of that they could be referring to.What happened with my spouse had nothing to do with me. The other division of the company is getting sold.The plant manager of that division, whom highly recommended me, said as soon as the company is sold he will hire me.

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People discriminate every day. When you got dressed this morning, you discriminated against all the clothes you chose not to wear today. When you walk into Baskin Robbins and buy one scoop, you discriminate against all the other flavors. Discrimination, in and of itself, is not unlawful.

Discrimination against someone because of their race, sex, age, religion, national origin, or disability *is* unlawful. If you are qualified for a position and are not hired because of any of those "protected classifications," it is unlawful discrimination. Otherwise, an employer is free to pick and choose whomever they want --- regardless of whether that's the best choice or not.

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