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I HAVE BEEN DEFAMED ALL OVER INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK; multiple false a accusations alleging that I have had sex with multiple men, I committed credit card fraud, drug use, etc. all the worse a person can say, however they are untrue. The defamer has also posted that she intentionally sent my private files of videos and nude pictures that she got a hold of to hundreds of people to damage my reputation. She continues to defame me & harass my family and I. What are my rights?

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Defamation lawyers typically want a 5k retainer, and cases can cost up to 30k, so unless you have a significant monetary loss, the case could cost thousands more than you recover, if anything. However, its your money to spend how you like.


You may have a valid claim for defamation, but these cases tend to be very expensive to pursue. You should consider contacting the police before anything.

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Contact the various social media sites and try to get these things removed. Contact the police. Contact an attorney who can help enforce your rights.

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