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Do I have a case of defamation of character by slander?

Mcdonough, GA |

Old supervisor told 10 to 15 people that I was stealing thousands of dollars from the company and was involved in a robbery with one of my own stores in my district. All the statements are completely false but have caused me to have to change careers cause people all over my state have heard these lies.

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Yes, you have a claim for slander per se. Under Georgia law, the false imputation of a serious crime or intentional misrepresentation of someone's business practices is considered to be the type of statement that is inherently defamatory and does not require that the Plaintiff show maliciousness in order to recover. However, if you can show that there is pecuniary loss, you may also seek not only compensatory damages to repair your reputation's damage, but also punitive damages for the willful, wanton, or reckless conduct of your employer.

I'd recommend you talk to a trial attorney with defamation experience. I have handled several similar cases and would be glad to discuss your options further.

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That would be great how should I contact you.


Best bet is to retain a local defamation lawyer to investigate. You may use Avvo's "find a lawyer" tool to find a defamation lawyer in your state.



I also have employees still employed at this corporation that are witnesses.


You do have a case of Slander against your former employer so long as there is absolutely no truth to his statements. The law tends to bend when it comes to defamation and embellishment. I recommend you speak with an attorney who handles defamation cases to get a proper assessment of your potential case.

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