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Do I have a case going after, those two former co-workers?

Ewa Beach, HI |

On July 2011 my two co-workers framed me up by complaining a sexual harassment against me. I was transferred to another department and got investigated. For that duration of the case, I encountered very stressful life every single day. I was worried about my reputation and losing my job.

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in theory you might have a case. however the liklihood of collecting doesn't sound good and the costs of such litigation would be great. further the stress of litigation would be severe. i think you should ignore it, move on and be the best person/worker you can be. good luck


This isn’t really a personal injury question. You should speak with a local employment lawyer. However, given the facts you described, it is likely a difficult case; especially since you have not list your job.

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If the discrimination allegations ended up in your favor, I recommend you put it all in your rear view mirror and move forward with your life. It will be very difficult and probably not economically worth it to bring a successful counter-case against 2 co-workers.

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