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Do I have a case for malpractice or failure to diagnose?

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I was referred to a specialist for work on my knee. I was unable to make an appointment with the doctor and saw her PA. Another PA intern gave the first shot and after I was in an enormous amount of pain. I complained continuously about the pain. For my third visit I was to see the doctor but she only sent a substitute with out explanation. I never met the doctor and she never called me although I experienced tremendous pain under treatment by her underlings. Finally, I went to another doctor. It appeared I had tendinitis in that leg and probably should not have had those shots. After extensive therapy, I am now able to walk without pain. Can I sue this physician for failure to diagnose? I never expected not to see or hear from this doctor at any time during my treatment.

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This may not qualify as falling below the standard of care and your injury is neither serious enough or permanent to justify a hugely costly malpractice case if you obtain your records and have a malpractice lawyer re Jew them, you'd know for sure. Be happy to talk to you.

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Without damages, a lawsuit would likely cost more than could be recovered, however, call a local malpractice lawyer to discuss in detail.


What you described isn't enough to pursue a claim. It costs tens of thousands of dollars to prosecute a malpractice case, and that means that only the most seriously injured people have a large enough claim to warrant it. It's unfair because it means that substandard care is most often left un-redressed, but that's the system we have. Sorry we can't be much help in this instance.

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Doesn't appear that you have damages to recover for.

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