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Do I have a case for harrassment against my HOA?

Colorado Springs, CO |

My HOA sent out a letter on 10/24 telling me I cannot park my truck in 2 spots outside my home (one is numbered and one is not). I requested a hearing with the board of directors to discuss this matter, but was denied my request on 11/26 because I am a renter. Also included in the email on 11/26, I was told if I continued to park my truck that way, it would be towed. On 11/28 I received a letter stating a $50 fine had been imposed. On 12/17 I sent them an email including pictures of my truck crammed in between 2 vehicles, parked in my own numbered spot. They did not care. My truck is 9ft wide and the parking spaces are only 8ft6in wide. Starting 12/17 I park my truck in the un-numbered spot, not 2 spots. Yesterday, I receved a letter stating a $50 fine is imposed again.

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I dont't think you have a case of harrassment. I think you have a case in which the HOA has the right to do what they are doing and you are going to end up paying the price. Find somewhere else to part your truck, and if this is a big deal for you find another place to live when your lease expires. Good luck!

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