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Do I have a case for finding a tooth in my McDonalds chicken nugget?

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I recently went to a mcdonalds and I ordered a 4 piece chicken nugget and when I bit into it the was a hard object in it! When I removed it from my mouth and looked at first it resembled a bone, but looking closely at it I realized it was a tooth. An animals tooth! I then went back to mcdonalds to speak to a manger. When she came to the counter I explained what happened, I showed the tooth and her response was "what, it's chicken, chicken has bones, I eat bones in my chicken all the time"! Another manager came he looked then both mangers proceed to speak in Spanish as I stood there! The female manager reached in her pocket pulled out $2 and handed it to! Then both managers just stood there and looked at me. I contact the mcdonalds corporation filed a complaint. What can I do legally?

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It is unfortunate that you found a tooth in your McNugget. Unfortunately, this happens in a lot of fast food places. You can file a complaint with the store, but legally, you did not suffer any damages as a result of eating the defective McNugget. Any claim made will likely be dismissed in a court of law.

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"Legally", nothing... While I know it can be upsetting, folks often post on this forum about finding a foreign object, bugs or other things in a food product. Unless, however, you have an injury as a result, need to get medical attention, or otherwise have damages, you can't file a lawsuit about it. You've already complained to the manager. You can complain further up the corporate ladder, but otherwise there really isn't much you can do...

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Unfortunately, you have no claim against McDonald's because your suffered no damages. If you are angry about the matter, you can certainly contact McDonald's corp. headquarters and inform them.

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You have no provable damages, so you will lose a tort lawsuit should you attempt to sue.

Four elements for tort must all be proven. You cannot prove all four so move on


In the absence of damages there is no lawsuit worth pursuing because cases cost money and take lots of time. Follow us with corporate and let them know what the manager did. You can probably get a small amount of money from them or at least some coupons for free meals.

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You are certainly entitled to the value of the food you purchases. Other than that, if you did not suffer any injury you have no claim.

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No injury = no compensation. Write the company, and perhaps you'll get some more coupons. Best bet is to stay away from fast food garbage, and start eating healthy food, as you'll live longer.

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