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Do I have a case for disability, age, race and national origin for my EEOC complaint.

Seattle, WA |

I filed an EEOC complaint alleging my previous employer for disability, age, race and national origin. I completely given all the doctor's note in the HR department for my long history of depression, anxiety, panic attack, insomnia, since 2008 and also my ongoing varicose veins reflux issues since 2010. Despite all these illnesses, I have a tremendous excellence performance reviews for five years. I was been laid off on 11/2012. For the group of different department that was been terminated, I am only the person who was been qualified for the packaging department. I had been assigned in three different areas, assembler, test and packaging. As a result of my dismissal, they maintained a newly hired young worker (3 month) to the company. EEOC letters, supervisor denied all my complaints.

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Attorney answers 1


You mention that the EEOC denied your complaints. Does that mean that the EEOC issued you a right to sue letter? If so, you should immediately contact an attorney licensed to practice in the state of Washington (I am NOT licensed in Washington, only in Arizona) before your 90 day right to sue expires.