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Do I have a case for defamation via libel?

Clifton, NJ |

I worked for a company which put the burden of almost all facets of the job on me, alone, (from settling, servicing and banking to filing and trash disposal!) I had developed relationships with the clients over the previous 3 yrs and had a very strong rapport and was highly regarded by almost all of our clients. Finally I had enough so I resigned and was hired by another agency. NOTE: I never signed an NDA or any type of non compete clause.

When I left, many clients made the decision to leave as well and join my new agency. Shortly after my old employer discovered they were losing clients they wrote a letter of libel accusing me of stealing etc and mailed it to each client that cancelled!

Do I have a case and if so what do I do if I lack the funds to hire an employment attorney?

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In order to make an initial assessment as to whether you have a claim for defamation and whether your former employer has any defenses to such a claim, you will need to consult with an attorney who is experienced in defamation law. If an attorney finds that you do have grounds to bring a claim, then the attorney will present you with your available options which may include writing a letter to your former employer, letters to each of your clients and/or filing a lawsuit for defamation. Based on your facts, it would be recommended that you consult with such an attorney as soon as possible.

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I agree with my colleague that you should see an attorney. Defamation cases are very fact specific and, assuming there is a case, damages must be carefully reviewed to determine the economics of initiating an expensive suit.

Good luck.

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These are fact specific cases. If the letter deals with your profession, you could have a claim of Slander Per Se. Too much to explain on a post.


Take the letter to a local defamation lawyer to investigate

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