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Do i have a case agasint the state

Chicago, IL |

i was paying child support to illinois from north carolina but my case was closed due to my child being with me.. the mom never stopped recieving government assistance so the state of illinois took my tax returns saying that i never paid support but it came directly out of my check.. now they are still charging me and not cooperating to return my taxes to me.. stating that they never closed their case so it doesnt matter if north carolina closed theirs..

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Based on theses facts it seems you still owe the state of Illinois monies. If you want an attorney to check into it for you you will have to hire an Illinois attorney.

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how would i owe when they sent the case to nc ..when i talked to the nc office they said that illinois could not have a case during the time that nc had a case so once nc closed mine , illlinois had to go through the process of opening it back up in which i would have to go to court for


You still owe the state of Illinois if what you posted is accurate.


take all of your papers to a lawyer for review.

there should have been a north carolina court order that terminated your obligation to pay support. with that, you would owe nothing assuming you were current at the time. without that, the case is still open.

you need to meet with a lawyer with all your papers to sort this out.