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Do I have a case against IVF center for making us go through 3 failed cycles and never having tested woman for Lyme disease?

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She was not reacting to IVF protocol in a normaly way during all three cycles. Even during retrieval on 2nd and 3rd cycles, she had an abnormal reaction to anesthesia. Days after 3rd failed IVF cycle we went to our primary, as she was not feeling good.

Now, the primary tests reveals that she has had Lyme disease that has advanced already.

The question is, did IVF center made us go through 3 ivf cycles knowing that there is something abnormal and stole our money?

Please help.

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There are plenty of women who have Lyme disease and get pregnant. You can read about precautions for pregnant women who have Lyme on the web.

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Sorry to hear about your wife’s ordeal. Unfortunately the only way to get an answer to your question would be to have her medical records reviewed by a medical expert. However, the cost of this review may exceed your out of pocket costs. You could ask her primary doctor about the treatment she received and see if the doctor tells you anything that could help get some of your money back.

Good luck.

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