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Do I have a case?

Greenwood, IN |

Hello, my name is Jason. I was hoping you could tell me if I have a case or not? I was arrested on a failure to appear warrant that was wrongly missed dated by the courts. They had given me at an earlier court date documentation to appear on a later court date than provided. The courts gave me a signed and stamped letter to appear on February 14th, 2013. But, they had set the actual date to Feb.6th, 2013. So the day before court on the 13th I was arrested for missing court and held for a week on no bond and my public defender would not except any calls. So I had to hire a lawyer to show proof that they had the wrong dates and I was to be released immediately. I was released but I feel that my rights were violated and have lost lots of money over there mess up. Is there anything I can do? Thanks, Jason.

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Courts and judges generally have an absolute immunity from being sued.

Getting released is one thing; getting paid is another.

Your best bet is to ask your lawyer, who may know if a fund or program exists for compensation for such cases in your court.