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Do I have a better chance of receiving damages if I'm in an accident with a commercial truck?

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I was hit by a delivery box van over the weekend, and was wondering if I have a better chance of receiving damages that if it were just a normal accident.


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The chances of you collecting damages depends on the facts of the accident and the injuries you sustained. The fact it was with a delivery truck in and of itself makes no difference. Your damages are what they are. However, if the delivery truck had commercial insurance coverage, the policy limits will likely be higher than the limits on an individual's vehicle. Regardless, of the limits, the insurance company will only payout what is reasonable based property damage, injuries, and "pain and suffering".


I agree. It doesnt necessarily increase your chances of recovery but it is more likely that they will have more insurance coverage and thus possibly a larger recovery amount based on the extent of your injuries.

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Sorry to hear about your accident. I hope that you were not seriously injured.

The only difference (most likely) is that a commercial truck has a higher amount of available insurance coverage. Otherwise, your burden of proof is still the same. You must prove that the truck driver was negligent, that you sustained permanent injuries as a result of the accident, and that you have been damaged (e.g., past and future medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering). Retain a Tampa Bay area injury lawyer to help you navigate the claim process.


There are three main parts to every injury case. The first is Liability or fault. The second is Damages or Injuries, and the Third is how much Insurance is there to pay for the Damages caused by the fault of the negligent person?
To answer your question about commercial truck causing an accident, you are probably better off since most commercial vehicles carry more insurance than many private persons.


It all depends whose fault is the accident, the damages and liability. The fact there is a box truck does not mean much except there is probably insurance available. Was the truck a rental because that would affect a claim?

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