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Do i have a bench warrant?

Atlanta, GA |

i was in a minor accident. totally my fault. i had no insurance. my car was towed. cop gave me a court date, verbally.. no paperwork. i missed court date.. what now?

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Call the court, don't stick your head in the sand. If there was a court date and you failed to appear, you likely have and FTA warrant out. Better to be proactive and call and get the problem worked out now and claim that you were dazed in collision and do not remember hearing a date.


If you were charged they gave you a ticket, so you're omitting a fact that matters. If you missed a court date you likely have a warrant and your license probably is suspended. Other than those details, I agree with the other post to you.


I agree with attorney Simon. Call the court immediatey and do everything in your power to work out an arrangement.

Jim Roth

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