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Do I have a 100 percent chance of wining my case from unemployment?

Jackson, MS |

I was fired 2 days before my FMLA documents were due. The employer informed me that I only had 5 days when by law, I am required to have 15. The employer only gave me 13, actually 12 because I was fired on the 13th day. At the time of me hearing I was unaware of my rights therefore I have been denied twice. I researched my rights and now I am appealing to the Board of Review. I decided that there was no need to complete the certification because I was already fired.

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No lawyer guarantee you a result. It is unethical for any lawyer to guarantee a result. You should be careful appealing your unemployment case. If you keep appealing and losing you could eliminate any FMLA claim you may have through collateral estoppel. You need to call an employment lawyer as soon as possible about the best way to pursue your case.



It would seem strange if I did not win this time around. The employer broke the labor law and violated my rights. If the shoe was on the other foot, I would not stand a chance. If I had broken the labor law I would be disqualified from all aspects. Seems very unfair.