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Do i get any money for geting hurt while i was at work

Ashland, KY |

i was going to mens restroom and while i went in a slipp and fell hurting my right index finger and there was no wet florr sign out there to tell othere to beware that the floor may be wet

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You have a workers compensation case. Seek highly rated workers compensation counsel here on Avvo.

Every situation is different, and good legal advice cannot be given based on a short question without an exploration of all the facts that may bear on your situation. This is not legal advice and no attorney-client relationship has been established.


If you fell where you work you may have a workers' compensation case. If you were on the job for some other employer and fell in the restroom of a business that is not your employer you may have a personal injury case.


You may have a workers compensation claim. It sounds like it based on the limited facts provided. Seek an experienced local attorney ASAP. Good luck.

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You should consult a workers compensation attorney who also is familiar with 3rd party cases (other than your employer), who will be able to evaluate both potential aspects of your claim. I assume your injury is significant. Examples in which a 3rd party case may exist 1) your employer did not own the property at which the incident occurred 2) others, not co-worker, were caring for the rest room 3) someone (other than co-worker) did not do a repair correctly or promptly.

Consult a lawyer. Good luck

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If you were injured withing the scope and course of your employment you have a workers compensation claim, regardless of how was at fault for the injury. You would be entitled to a certain portion of your wages while you were off work--typically about two thirds and all your related medical expenses paid. If you were injured by the negligence of someone else while working, you can make a personal injury/liability claim against that person or entity.
You really did not say, but I suspect you did not suffer any serious injury??? If that is the case, the value of any claim is minimal.

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It depends on how badly hurt you are. If you were hurt on the job, you should be entitled to have your medical bills paid for. If you had to miss more than 7 days of work, then they have to pay you wage benefits while you're off. And if it ends up being a permanent injury, you may be entitled to compensation for that. Make sure you report the injury ASAP. Good luck to you

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