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Do I get an attorney and file malpractice?

Camdenton, MO |

I had a umbilical hernia done two years ago and continued to have pain afterwards. It was hard to do everyday activities and I couldn't really eat anything. Been to the hospital a few times for severe pain but they found nothing. Finally got recommended to another surgeon who ran every test he can think of for my stomach to see what could have been causing me so much pain and the lump I had but everything came back fine so he did a diagnostic laparoscopy on June 20th and found a transfacial suture that was left in. It ripped my hernia so I had to have it repaired again and they said I had some adhesions in the upper left quadrant which were to brought down with a blunt and sharp dissection

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You should certainly have an attorney look at it, and do so quickly, because you may be running up against a statute of limitations. Gather up all your medical records and bring them with you, it will make the process of looking into it faster.

This is general advice and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.


If it was a stitch that was meant to disolve and didn't or if it was a non-disolving stitch that was meant to be a disolving one you may have a claim.


I agree that you may have a claim. Pursuing it may be a matter of how this issue has impacted your life. For example if you have been unable to work or can relate the loss of a job for some period of time that will increase the amount of economic damages that were caused by any failure. If you have suffered two years of pain and suffering there may be a risk of spending more than potentially could be recovered. Each state has enacted laws which make the cost of bringing a claim extremely high. It is interesting that the major issues involving medical negligence picked up by most media has to do with frivilous law suits when in fact, meritorious suits have been procedurally barred unless you are injured badly enough to warrant spending about 250K plus in litigation and expert witness fees.


Have a local malpractice lawyer get your records and investigate

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