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Do I commit fraud? How do I get divorced from him?

Chicago, IL |

I live in Chicago, IL. I have lived with my husband for 5 years. For 5 years, he has not given me money to buy foods and trivial things. So, I took his credit card to buy stuff without his authorization. The credit cards company know that I am his wife. And he also knows that I use his cards. Now, he wants to file that I am stealing his money. My questions are whether I commit fraud/ identity theft? How come do I get divorced from him?

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Based on the above, he has grounds for divorce, and you will likely be liable for the money owed if he tries to take it to the next level. Consider trying to work it out between you and him.


I disagree with the first answer. Your husband had an obligation to support you and when he did not do so, you had a reasonable right to find a way to buy food, hence, the use of the credit card - with his tacit authorization.

As for the issue of divorce, you have a questionable right to divorce based upon cruel and unusual treatment by him because he now claims you stole his money, when he knew you were using his credit card.

I suggest you see a lawyer in your immediate area and go over the facts with him/her immediately.

Good luck..

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