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Do I/ Should I report an accident to my insurance co. if I was hit in an accident, minimal car damage,exhibiting lower back pain

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while sitting and waiting at a stop light the light finally turns green and as I get ready to proceed forward "BAM" the car behind slams into me. Since the light had just turned green I had barely just started to move my foot towards the acellarator very patiently ,seeing that the traffic was backed up quiet heavely (approx.4:30p.m) I knew to be calm, take my time and prepare to proceed with patience. The driver of the car did express to me that she did'nt pay attention, that it was her fault because as soon as she saw the light green she assumed I was impatiently and quickly proceeding forward as well. I ask for her D/L, and her insurance info. I took down all the info I thought was important.For the last few days now I've been having severe lower back pain What should I do ??

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If you are experiencing severe pain, please see a doctor asap. You may need an MRI. You will also want to get representation from a personal injury lawyer in your city as you may have a serious back injury such as a herniation. Feel better.

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You need to immediately notify your insurance company. then, you need to go to your doctor and get yourself checked. If you did not file a police report, you may wish to do so now. also, notify the DMV of the accident. Once your doctor has checked you out and your treatment has started, go to an attorney near to your town and ask for a free evaluation of your case. If you have severe pain, make sure your doctor knows about it and take your medication. Keep a pain diary and the level of pain from 1-10.. From there follow your attorney's advise. Best of luck.

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Manuel Alzamora Juarez


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All too often this type of pain shows up later rather than sooner. Your insurance should cover this OR in any case, the person who hit you's insurance should. Rear-enders almost always show fault on the other party. Feel free to contact my office for more guidance.


Do it as soon as possible. Some insurance carriers will not pay, ever ,if there was not a police report made.

You should consult an attorney in your State at once.


I'm so sorry to hear about your accident. Definitely let your insurance company know about the accident. Take pictures of the damage to your car. I wouldn't sign anything with any insurance company without attorney representation, particularly if you are in pain and need medical treatments.


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You Should report this accident to your insurance company immediately. You need to make sure that the proper documents get filed with the MV. Also, you should go to your healthcare provider for a check up to make sure you are ok. Go back to the scene to look for witnesses, take pictures of where the accident happened and your car. Send a certified letter to the driver of the car confirming the contents of your conversation at the scene. She later will likely deny it after talking to the insurance company lawyers. Her insurance company will try to not pay you and discount your injuries. Be careful and be diligent. Good luck.

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