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Do I, an individual, need a Litigation Attorney to sue for damages from a national non-profit community advocate organization?

Matthews, NC |

Do I have a case against a national non-profit company that has caused me to lose my home and be forced to leave my home state to live with relatives. In addition this company drafted Agreements and conducted business for me in such a way that we were co-defendants in a lawsuit by a contractor charging me with breech of contract and the company with fraud, supplying false information and unfair and deceptive trade practices. The contractor prevailed in Court so that I also have a huge judgement against me. An individual at this company is still calling me to give me "advice". Can I launch a lawsuit against them? What type of attorney should I seek?

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Your question presents a serious issue with a very vague description of the underlying facts. You definitely need an attorney. I would say the type of attorney should be a commercial, business litigator. If money were no object, I'd say go to a big law firm in the closest large city in your area. If money is a concern, see if a commercial litigation firm will take the case on a contingent fee basis. Steer clear of injury lawyers; even though they are litigators, because they don't have the mindset or experience to deal your issues. I will also say, your question does not present enough facts to say anything else. If you want help, be prepared to bring all documents with you, relevant to your question. You don't say what kind of contract you were accused of breaching. You don't say anything about the type of relationship you had with the non-profit company. You don't even say how it caused you to leave your home.
In short, I have no idea what you are talking about, but a commercial litigator is the type of lawyer you want.

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I agree with attorney Dion.

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It is impossible to tell you whether you "have a case" from the facts you posted. But a commercial litigator may be your best choice. Unfortunately, it may be hard to find someone to take your case, if you have one, on a contingent fee. Good luck.

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