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Do grandparents have any visitation rights in the state of GA? We've taken care of the older child from birth

Augusta, GA |

My son and daughter in law are refusing to let us visit with our grandchildren. We have been paying for the older child's private schooling, buying all clothing and have at times helped the parents keep electric bills paid as well as buying food for the family in the past whenever they needed financial assistance. They are angry with us now and refuse to let us see the kids or keep them anymore. What can we do?

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Yes, grandparents in Georgia have rights. There is a "Grandparent Visitation Statute" that was enacted to provide a means through which the courts can grant visitation rights to a grandparent with his or her minor grandchild when the child's parent has objected to the visitation. The policy behind the Statute's enactment was a desire to balance the wishes of alienated grandparents with the rights of the parents and the interests of the child or children at issue. However, the hurdle is high. Absent clear and convincing evidence that child would experience actual physical, mental, or emotional harm if visitation was denied, the trial court cannot mandate the visits. If you have been as involved as your post suggests, however, that may not be a difficult legal burden for your to demonstrate. You should speak with an attorney in your area - a domestic relations attorney familiar with the Grandparent Visitation Statute. All the best to you -

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