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Do Georgia speeding tickets transfer from Georgia to Florida licence driving record?

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I was coming out of Exit 5 in Georgia from eating luch with my parents and brother. I was looking for a gas station as I am not familiar with the area. I was in the farthest left lane and when I look in the rear view mirror I see a police car with the lights on as I am trying to past all the way to the right lane to exit to find a gas station. The officer said I was doing 83mph on a 70mph. I have no points on my Florida licence and will like to keep it that way. What are my choices not to get points on my Florida licence and will this ticket appear on my driving record, is it transferable?

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The answer is YES. An out of state traffic ticket does show up on your Florida DL record. I know this because I just helped someone with a traffic issue and pulled the lifetime record and it showed 10 year old tickets in other states. You should find out the county where you got this ticket and go on-line and find a lawyer in that county in GA to fight the ticket. In Florida, if you simply pay the speeding ticket you get points on your license, usually if you hire a lawyer, you might get no points. Contact a GA attorney first, if it is too expense or you are unable to do so, pay the ticket. But you should handle it right away. In Florida you have 30 days to either hire a lawyer and plea not guilty and fight or pay the ticket. The last thing you want is to have your Florida license suspended because of the GA ticket.

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Eric Joseph Dirga

Eric Joseph Dirga


45 States share data. Georgia and Florida are two of those states.

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